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I let around $600 build up in my account, and then the inmate and I started talking more often again.A few weeks later, all the money was gone.

I added more money, and it was gone again. I believe this happened several times, but these later incidents could possibly have been that we legitimately talked a lot. It seemed oddly quick, though. However, there is no way we talked enough to use up $600 in only a few weeks!

I called Securus's support line and got my records going back a few months, but I couldn't understand them. Everything seemed legit, but then, how do you explain around $500 disappearing? I suspect that whoever stole the money also altered my records.

I don't know what to do.I'm disabled and don't have the energy it would take to investigate more or fight this, so I have no choice but to just keep using their service.

Review about: Securus Technologies Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


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