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ON May 25th made a payment and my bank account was charged 4 times due to a system glitch (per securus supervisor). My account was adjusted the same day and my bank account reversed the charges. My account was never negative throughout this whole process. I just like to continuously add funds to the securus account. Om May 25th the payment was of $47 was added to my current balance. My husband made two phone calls to me that evening and then I received an email stating that I have a -$80.10. How is that possible? I immediately got on the phone and tried to contact a rep at Securus. I stayed on hold for 6 hours with no results (fell asleep). I then called in the middle of the night on May 26th spoke with a rep (Amanda) who stated she will send email to expedite the situation to her supervisor and that her supervisor will call me back within the day, but she said that the matter will be resolved within that day and for me to continue to check the securus account. NOTHING! I got so frustrated with not being able to talk to my husband that I got up on May 27th and drove 4 hours to the facility to see him. (All because of this inconvenience). I called again this morning May 28th @ 4:30 AM (est) to see if I can avoid the 6 hour wait time and speak with a rep (hoping for someone who can actually handle a problem) Spoke with Sierra who again was unable to resolve this matter. I continuously asked to speak with her supervisor, she continued to tell me that she will have her call me back (so far NOTHING). This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I feel like if my money is involved I should be able to speak with a supervisor at all times. Dont keep telling me you understand my frustrations but don't resolve the situation.

Its really sad that I have to use this company where they just hire individuals to answer the phone and not individuals who can actually handle situations when the company get "glitches in the system".

I want my money put back in my account and I want to be credited for the inconvenience behind this whole situation.

While I type this post/email I received from call Sierra (May 28th @ 5:08) who is relaying messages from her supervisor "Twanna" (who is in the background, who can't speak with me directly). The call has ended and again NO RESOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM.

This is really unprofessional and a inconvenience to my family and I.

Hopefully this post/email reaches an individual who can actually help me resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: $65.94 put inconvenience credit .

Securus Technologies Cons: Customer service, Paying for services did not receive, Overcharging my bank account, Uninformed representatives, Unprofessional ppl w no knowledge on how to handle cust issues.

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