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Securus LLC, based out of Central NJ, claims to be a Final Expense Brokerage.

While they may appear to look like one on the surface, they are just Multi-Level Marketers who will take your hard earned money, for so called "platinum leads". As well as 10 to 15% of your front end commission, to pay the crooks who work for them.

Lets first discuss their outdated business plan:

Door Knocking and Door Hangers.

Yeah right, who are you kidding !

Their phone scripts are outdated as well.


A so called "platinum lead" will cost you $20.95.

Their recommended orders are for 10 -15 leads, which is a $200 to $300 out of pocket expense for you !

There is a mailing that goes out in bulk, where some occupant just checks off boxes & returns a card via mail. You then get a copy of this fabulous post card, via a website.

THESE ARE NOT QUALIFIED LEADS: You jokers at Securus !


Returned "Lead" Cards:

Half the people say they never sent the request in, the other 45% are generally not available, have already purchased from another company, did not know what they sent back, or just plain hang up on you ! Okay, now you are realistically working with 5% of your so called leads.

YES: This is a great $20.95 lead. Where you, the agent bear the real costs !!!

If you are lucky, you can recoupe your lead investment, but over time you will go well into the RED !

STAY AWAY FROM Securus and their phony bologna !

And yes: I will challenge anyone from this company to dispute me: You fools !

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Phone Service.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The posters comments are completely misleading.

I have the privilege to work with Securus and I can attest to the fact that they provide the most comprehensive tools for success. Unfortunately for some there is still an accountability for each individuals performance.

It truly is wonderful to be part of something that is bigger than yourself!

Helping seniors and their families allows for a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day that is unparalleled.


I've been with Securus for 2 months now and things have been going very well. It's a shame some people have all the time in the world to post negativity under "anonymous" about a company they didn't do research on.

Go look at BBB and other credible sources before posting nonsense. It's a business, it takes work.

You can't expect to do anything well and succeed if you are lazy. My opinion, best system out there to build a big business if you are willing to work and be coachable.


I feel honored to work for Assurus select. I have been able to help elderly people have a peace of mind.

I am a woman of character. I would NEVER abuse an elderly person or any person for that matter by taking then financially. you may want to check the history of insurance. This is the way is once was done.

Many people like to have u sit down with them and explain things one on one.


I have been in the insurance business since 2003 and I was introduced to Securus in November 2014. I thought I had everything I wanted in working for a very large corporate company in a career distribution model.

What I didn't realize is corporate America is not as secure as I thought it would be. This is what lead me to explore other options. The business model Securus has is unquestionably the best I have seen. We have the opportunity to start an insurance conversation with 25 people a week who have raised their hand and gave us permission to knock on their door.

It is up to you, the producer, to hone your skills and take all the information that Matt Goldberg has provided and make something of it. In my previous career I was in charge of Recruit, hiring and training insurance agents. Let me tell you, agents are inherently lazy and will always choice the easiest path. The only agents that do not fall into this category have grown up, become an adult and taken ownership of their career path and want to make something of themselves.

If you learn the system, learn the scripts and work the numbers, you will have tremendous and nearly immediate success.


I am D. McKenzie and I did not write this narrative about Securus Direct.


I have been working with Securus America for over two years. The reason people fail this business is nine times out of 10 an issue that can be resolved by that looking in the mirror and examining the reality of their daily and weekly business activities, their dedication to daily and weekly spiritual growth, and daily and weekly association with their sales team.

I have worked in corporate America as well as the restaurant business and attended college, and none of those experiences have I ever receive the level of support and leadership as well as vision to move forward leading the industry, and then I have from Matthew Goldberg and his executive team. As I recently have read God has given us each unique and special abilities in this world.

Not everyone is made to be a leader in business in sales, and if you're not then I hope you take the time to find what it is you're passionate & skilled at as opposed to wasting your time bashing a great company for your failures. I would recommend this business to my own family members and would love having even them working with me let alone any other person that qualifies as a good candidate.


It amazes me that comments that are this old are still showing up on a company that is growing by leaps and bounds. Perhaps those writing negative comments should consider doing more research.

I am a CPA by profession and I did my due diligence over 3 years ago. That being said - I am still with Securus America because based on what I have seen, they have the best platform in the Final Expense industry and the best platform to build an agency.

I'll not invest any more time to dispute those that have not done their research on current matters. DPT


The platform we as agents have is second to none. 10-15 leads and 2-300$ is a joke.

I spend 600$ a week on 25 leads. And trust me... If this system did not work I don't think that I would continue to be doing the same thing and not be profitable. My family is much more important than that.

This company is the best career and financial decision I have ever made. The point of the lead is not to make the sale for you. It is just to put you in front of a face. The rest is up to you.

And if you're not closing it's on you. We have PLENTY of leaders in this business that will go out of their way to help you. Not to mention the website that reached sales techniques.

Everyone can do this but it's not for everyone. You're attitude has to be positive and you have to be 100% in and engaged to succeed.


Whoever posted this comment clearly has no idea how any sales operation or business is even run. First of all it appears the post is extremely outdated and that the poster was given really bad advice or heard what he/she wanted to hear.

A qualified lead is an opportunity to have a conversation with someone who has expressed an interest in getting more information about final expense planning. These are not simply orders to be taken. you actually have to still work for a living. Im sure they could have built a Call Center to handle incoming orders and they wouldn't have a field agent model at all if these were all ready to buy customer leads.

For the new person reading this.. just think through with some common sense.

I have been with many other Sales Organizations before in my lifetime and this is one of the most straight forward companies I've ever dealt with. They promote hard work and simple system with verifiable results.

There are no handouts here to people that don't want to work or expect big rests with minimal effort. But for those who are willing to go to work and follow a system, results can be incredible. They have been for me and my family.

Great platform!

Some of the most down to earth, hardworking and smart people I've ever worked with.

For the person posting this comment I'm happy to discuss at any time. Look me up.

You'll find me. :)


Securus select has given me an awesome opportunity to make something of myself and be able to afford a lot more for my family. We went from living check to check to buying brand new cars and being able to eat out whenever we want.

I like the leadership and the entire company. The leads are great guys and if you don't think so maybe you should work on your sales approach.

All it takes is a name and an address. Josh Baker.


Securus has given me a great opportunity over the last 3 years - the platform, system, leads are the best in the industry.


I have been with Securus for a year now. I am proud to be with an organization who stands behind its agents with all the resources that are needed.

Everyone from the CEO and all the management staff will always help in any way they can. The integrity of Securus is 2nd to none.

The amazing part is the support I can get from any manager or agent throughout the country. This is truly like a family.

It is hard work to be an agent, nobody ever claimed it to be easy.

I must say it really pays off. I am looking foward to many years of growing as a person and agent.



You probably couldn't sell a coat to an Eskimo ... Securus America and Securus select is an amazing company that has helped my family out of financial stress from my husband getting his insurance license and working for them . An honest company- a Christian company that I highly recommend .


You have to be skilled at talking to people to even book an appointment with a valuable lead (which they are). original poster is a complete ***..why do do think top producers have huge profit margins every year..Ur such a loser...go back to school


I just got a job offer for a sales position from this organization and im very confused if they are a good business or what? If someone could provide some insight for me, i'd be verrry appreciative!

@Mahlet Hyz

Do it. I've been doing it for two days and have made more than I was making in two weeks at my last job.


Matthew A Goldberg does not even have an insurance license !


Does anyone know any of the principals involved wiht this group? If you are able provide fax info to 877-355-****. I believe one of the principals is a Cronic FLIM FLAM guy


How can Securus charge the fees they do. A friend of mine is incarcerated in Bennettsville SC which is about 200 miles from where I live the institution uses Global Tel communication and his call is $1.25 for 15 minutes.

Now I have a friend incarcerated in Cherokee County Jail which is in Gaffney SC, which is about 3 miles from where I live. When I received a phone call from them the operator which is a automated ((For the low cost of $ 14.99 I could have approximately 10 minutes of phone time with my friend). That is what I call Bull *** The. Went on their web site to setup a prepaid account thing it would be a lot cheaper" boy was I ever surprised an average call of the same amount of talk time that I get thru Globe-tel costs $ 9.99.

I wonder how much the jail makes off each call? Because something is just not right. (Think about it) This should be illegal for a Securus to charge so much, Being that Gaffney Jail and Securus are working together I know why it's not illegal !!!!!!

Going to report them to the Better Business Bureau. And everyone else should to.


There are two types of individuals who handle insurance and investment products! The one type that you are exposing are SALES PEOPLE.

The other group are professionals. After 30+ years in the industry I despised those who manipulated and sold to their own advantage! Their first thoughts are their pocketbook! The professional such as I was looked and listened to the person and what they needed done?

Then putting a plan together that fit their needs and exposures! Including taxation, affordability, covering exposures such as loss of income, debts that still need paid by the surviving spouse, home paid so the family can go on, even future plans such as children's college education, Plus ways to cover these exposures and have money coming back that can supplement a retirement! By one single call on the phone and selling a policy does NOT do the professional duty that they should be doing! The only thing that could warrant a one time phone call would be an infividual who need extra dollars to bury a person!

Still it's doing the job half way? I retired with over 4000 cases which entailed about 2700 clients. That I helped!!! After the process of helping these clients or my friends then I counted the commission!

That's not wrong to be paid for a service of help just as a doctor, attorney, accountant! In a profession as ours their is much cost, offices, employees, utilities, benefits.... What's left is what the professional makes. Most like I did, we put our money back into the business until we grew after years or we failed and was on the streets punching a time clock again .

Just like anything in life there are "Good Agents/ Advisors" and unfortunately there are "Bad Agents/Advisors" fI will guarantee that you NEED some type of insurance/investment/Financial Planning some how some way BUT get a PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR!!!! Not a salesman???

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