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After literally banging my head against a wall for almost a month to get resolution...after I put a written complaint to the BBB, the FCC, Pissed Consumer.com, Securus Technologies Headquarters: Carrollton, TX, and to the chargeback office of Securus Technologies, I am remarkably unblocked the very next day.

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2018

Account #: 16673642

I am writing this complaint because I feel that I am being scammed by Securus Technologies and I’m not getting any assistance in trying to get this resolved.

Securus Technologies, or securustech.net, is a United States based prison technology company that provides services such as phone and online video services, as well as fund transfers. I have the online video services only with them. You can pay $5.95 per online visit or $19.99 for monthly unlimited for Wednesday and Friday visits. I tried it out for 1 visit at $5.95 on 9/12/18 and on 9/18/18, I subscribed to pay ahead $19.99 per month for the Unlimited Plan. The amounts came out as they were supposed to on 9/18/18 to cover service from 9/18-10/17, $19.99 on 10/18/18 to cover service from 10/18-11/17, and $19.99 on 11/18/18 to cover service from 11/18-12/17. That is what I want and that is not disputed, however I was blocked on 11/23/18.

I have spoken with Securus Technologies several times in November and several times this month. What is being said is that “MY” bank JP Morgan Chase is disputing $57.95 and charged the amount back. #1. I am using my own card, I have possession of the card, and I did not dispute anything. #2. My bank is Bank of America, which is in no way associated with JP Morgan Chase. #3. The math does not add up and they can’t even tell my why it does not add up, $19.99 monthly x 3 months= $59.97, not the $57.95 “disputed” amount.

I have literally begged Securus Technologies to look back at the charge back form that came to see if they just pulled up the wrong account or the wrong card number (maybe transposing the number to get the account pulled up and once the account is pulled up and associated with mine, then they would be looking at my card number and information), but they absolutely refuse to go back to the original information that started this.

The only thing Securus Technologies suggested to me at that time, was to repay the $57.95 that was not given back to me…. I had told them that I could send them a bank statement when I talked to them in November, but they had said that wouldn’t show the bank putting a charge back on it, and that they needed a “bank statement affidavit”, which you would think in itself sounds easy, but it’s not. My bank, Bank of America (which is the logo on the attached print of my now voided debit card), at first said they would send me the affidavit saying that they never disputed the amount and that it would take 7-10 days to receive it. They said that they can not fax it or email it to me. In my city, Columbus GA, there is only one branch of Bank of America and it’s about 20 minutes to get there. With my work schedule and their office hours, I was going to have to wait for it. I waited the 10 days and did not receive anything, so I started this process over again since I am still blocked from communicating with my brother who is in Jail at the Lawrenceville Sheriff’s Department in Lawrenceville, GA.

I started at the bank this time and requested the affidavit. The rep said that they don’t do that, so I requested her supervisor, who also said that they don’t write anything up for customers. I called back Securus Technologies again to beg for them to pull the original chargeback information and they again tell me to send in an affidavit. I did bring up the fact that if they sent the money back to me, wouldn’t that show that I owe $57.95, and on my transaction details from Securus Technologies, it shows that I have a zero balance. On their transaction details it shows my visitation dates and the charge if it were not already covered by the Unlimited Plan, so somewhere in their system they should be able to show me that the $57.95 that they are saying was sent back to my bank, has been charged back or debited back on my account instead of the zero balance that I am currently seeing.

I have been trying to deal with this for almost a month, which is not even asking the question of if I have been blocked from using the service, and this is a prepay service, why am I even being asked to repay the $19.99 from 11/18-12/17 when I’m blocked from use of the service that I want.

I actually got off of work and went to the Bank of America to push to get a bank statement affidavit but again was told in person this time, by a rep and by her manager, that they don’t go that extra little mile to type something up for me. They said it’s not fraud because I agreed to the charge, and I don’t think it’s fraud either, I think that this is a scam. Someone on either Securus Technologies side or BOA side, had some type of breach in information and some scammer maybe putting in as charge back and providing a different bank name and account number to credit it back to. I don’t know if that’s the case, all I do know is that if I don’t have the money, and they “say” they don’t have the money, where is the money?

I called back Securus Technologies again and asked for a supervisor. My first question to her is what is my balance? She said -0-, then we get to the $57.95 amount, where does it show that I owe that. She said the quickest way to resolve is to repay the $57.95 by Western Union. With all this frustration I probably would be better off to do it just to get this moved on, but, #1. That would not fix the problem when this could very well be a simple transposing of the number or something as big as the company and its customers being scammed. #2. Who’s to say that if I just repay the $57.95 even though I never got the first $57.95 back, that this same thing won’t happen again to me or to other customers.

I am sending a copy of my banking statement from November 18 till now, to show that this is the account where the monthly charges are deducted and that if they were going to put back in a credit for the so called “disputed” amount, that by now, it would be back on my banking account and it’s not. I’m also providing a picture of my debit card that is on the Securus Technologies account, and it clearly has the logo of Bank of America, not JP MORGAN. Now, what I can’t get supervisor “Val” from Securus Technologies to realize is that if they could make a mistake and put the wrong banking name, then maybe they could have picked the wrong account to begin with.

One thing that I will not be doing that Val said, is to fax in a copy of my driver’s license that this company already has on file. When you sign up for their service, you have to have a government ID, which I used a driver’s license, and a picture of myself to make sure that I am the one that would be on the online video chat. Since you already have my driver’s license on file, I can even see it on my profile of the account, AND I already think that somebody is being scammed here, I’m not going to be stupid enough to put my driver’s license out over a fax line. An encrypted email maybe, (even though you already have this in your records!), but not on open fax line.

My request in writing which will be to the BBB, the FCC, Securus Technologies Headquarters: Carrollton, TX, and to the chargeback office of Securus Technologies, is that I want this researched. I want the block removed, I want an apology, and I want the $19.99 that I prepaid on 11/18/18 for future services that I never got a chance to use due to the block, credited back to my account. The kicker part to all of this is that the idea behind this is wonderful, when it works with no intermittent stuttering problems, it’s like you can FaceTime the inmate which is remarkable because you can do it from any part of the United States. I have recommended and helped my sister in San Jose California to get signed up for this service, my sister in law from Montgomery AL, my cousin from Huntsville, AL, to all get signed up for this service, and I would hate to think that I mislead them and for them to have to go through all this drama.

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Account.

Reason of review: their unwillingness to find resolution.

Monetary Loss: $58.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Securus Technologies Pros: Idea of video visits.

Securus Technologies Cons: Paying for something and not receiving item.

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