This company and the people who work for, own it are the real criminals. The company is faulty, there are constantly technical difficulties, and no one to take any accountability, as well as get a hold of from the company.

The actual messaging site is constantly down and cannot even log in, videos visits that are paid for dont happen, and when you try to contact them to get a refund there is no actual person, or service rep to speak to, everything is through email. They have milked Covid through and through and use that as an excuse to scam and derail innocent family members and loved ones from simply having a conversation with with an individual that has been stripped away from every dignity, no matter what they are guilty or not guilty of, however this company is guilty of fraud, deceit, theft arbitration and human decency, I hope the owners are nice and comfortable sleeping knowing their greed and inhumane practice has benefited them while robbing people from peace.

The whole system and their crooked panhandling puppets are a joke as is, Securus is just another free loader. If I could give zero stars I would.

User's recommendation: Don’t obey propaganda.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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