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I just made a complaint with the bbb.org maybe if more of us do something wil have to give. This is beyond frustrating and I will not tolerate it just bc my man is incarcerated it does not mean you can rip people off!

Below is a copy of what I filed ..come on people jump aboard and make this idiots pay and correct this NOW

Filed against :

Securus Technologies

14651 Dallas Parkway

Dallas TX 75254

Complaint Description:

The company I am writing in regards to is correctional billing services. It is a prepay company to receive collect calls from inmates incarcerated. They charge $6.95 to process a payment and the payment has to be at least 25.00 when doing so. I made a payment for the above amount. Once the phone service was activated to receive phone calls from my loved one the calls were dropped back to back and I was charged the initial reconnecting fee of $1.75. and 10 cents there after.. 12 phone calls were placed back to back on June 2nd starting at 9:28 am then 9:46 am ,you are allowed up to 20 minutes on each call b4 being disconnected.. my loved one tried back again at 1:30 pm then waited until 8:17 pm , 8:27 pm , 8:28 pm , 9:02 pm, 9:04 pm, 9:06 pm, 9:42 pm , and the last at 10:02 pm 9 out of the 12 calls were disconnected.. I called the company and was told they could only issue 2 credits that I would have to file paperwork and allow up to 30 days for the refund if they felt any was owed. Unfortunately if I want to communicate with my love one this is the only option for phone services and while researching the internet I found over hundreds of complaints of the same issue and no help avail. This practice is unjust and a scam to us consumers. I spoke to 4 different representatives at this company Alex, Pilar, then Hector a supervisor, then last Elias team supervisor.. the end result was I could receive $5.00 in a courtesy credit while the rest would take up to 30 days to credit my account which makes no sense to me whatsoever in todays technological world. Elias did try to assist me to the fullest but this company s a scam and ripping off consumers and leaving us with no options but to continue to pay their monopoly while they exploit us.

Your Desired Resolution:

I would like a full refund credited back to my account and for this issue to be fixed immediately I am only one out of thousands being ripped off and brutalized by this company. It is unacceptable and can not and will not be tolerated.

This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 30 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded.

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Location: Poughkeepsie, New York

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I have also just filed my complaint. WE are all DEFINITELY being ripped!

As a good deed I added my boyfriends parents numbers on so I could cover their phone charges as well but then realized how quickly this was adding up...but in order to remove them they have to send in all sorts of verification information. "Colton" the supervisor on duty went as far to tell the mother that we could add every number on our street but if the account went to block status then every number would also be blocked and the account holder would be held responsible!

WTF?!?! This is definitely a crock...


I think we need to sue somebody


I think the problem is bigger than your issue, however frustrating it may be. This is the perfect place for a high priced scam because its hard to drum up sympathy for any problems prisoners face in this society.

What people don't understand is that its an ideal service to overcharge for because no one who could make a difference is paying attention. The very idea that calls need to be "collect" even when local is bizarre in this age of free or very inexpensive calling services via Skype, Vonage, Lingo, Comcast Digital Service, etc.


To XCO.. their was no victim in this case ...

so maybe u should find out the full details b4 making sarcastic comments and being naive .. innocent people do end in jail to.. the justice system has failed plenty of times in the past .. for example when I was 12 I found my 75 yr old grandfather murdered..

a low life degenerate broke into his house and stabbed him 11 times.. the person ended up in jail for 4 years .. as far my boyfriend in jail now he failed to appear for a ticket..

so *** OFF.. and maybe u should keep ur *** comments to ur self


"The poor parents, friends, and other family get to pay big time, right along with the inmate."

Don't see anything about the criminal's victims here. Sux being on the receiving end of criminal activity doesn't it? :cry


As a parent, the cost of letting your child call you using this service is unbelievable! If you live in another state, there is a $3.95 long distance fee tacked on every single call PLUS the long distance minute rate.

Then they charge additional Federal, State, and local taxes and other fees that are supposedly "approved" by the Correctional Facility (they have to get their cut!). The poor parents, friends, and other family get to pay big time, right along with the inmate. Price gouging at it's finest. Family members have no option except to deny the calls or pay the exorbitant bills.

For one month my phone bill was over $700.00!! It's absolutely ridiculous!


You can get a prepaid account with ur cell phone through evercom.. but its all a rip off and scam I have it set up on my cell as well but one 20 minute call is 12 dollars.. so what I started to do was forward my house phone to my cell instead ..still cheaper if u do it prepaid through ur house phone and forward ur calls to ur cell


Can you go thru a cell phone service such as Verizon Wireless and get an account with Evercomm?( This IS NOT a prepaid phone) I have set up an account with Evercomm and used my credit card for tim. and my boyfriend can only seem to get thru every 3 days. He says when he tries to call there is a recording that says "the number you are trying to call is not excepting calls at this time"

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