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My love one called but the phone hung up we only talked for a few minutes now they want refund my money.This company is a ripe off.Someone need's to put a stop to this, these calls cost to much for 1 and honestly I don't care if it's 5 dollars or 20 dollars I want my money back, the economy is already a wreck someone please help. I will give no names of who my love one is, I feel that's not important. And another thing they need to find people who speaks better english I can barely understand what they are saying when we speak on the phone, please refund my money.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #751022

Securus is an evil, evil company.They pay the jail administrator a hefty fee (up to 40%) to be THE ONLY phone service available for inmates.

That's a monopoly, and those are kickbacks. The quality of their service is abysmal, I get disconnected frequently, and often there is so much static and interference on the line I can barely hear. Their customer service is essentially non-existent, and they have a policy to not issue refunds for cell phone users - even though THEY DISCONNECT THE CALLS. They charge you for the maximum allowed time for a call (20 minutes) even if you get disconnected, BY THEM, after one minute.

Then they won't issue a refund because you're on a cell phone and they say they're not responsible for dropped calls on cell phones. THE CALL WASN'T DROPPED, IT WAS DISCONNECTED BY SECURUS. I know this because a recording comes on and says "This call is being terminated, no third party calls are allowed," even though it's NOT a third party call.

Help file a class action lawsuit against this vile, criminal company.Send your contact information to:


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maybe you need to learn better English as your complaint make no sense.466

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