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I was on the phone with my boyfriend and it dropped my call 3 times in a row. My boyfriend would keep calling back and it would keep cutting us off.

After the 3rd time, he said that he would call some other time so I wouldn't lose anymore money. Then the next night, he called again. We got cut off 2 more times. They will not reimburse me because I have a cell phone.

You know what is funny? My cell phone has never dropped a phone call before and my boyfriend said that their phones at the prison were messed up. I think that has to do with SECURUS, they need to fix the ***. I had a customer representative talking to me like I was a 5 year old.

I told her to just forget it cause I know for a fact that my phone doesn't drop calls. I told her that her company was a rip off and that they should refund the money whether it's a cell or a landline phone.

There is no difference!!!!! I am one pissed customer, but this is the only way for me to talk to my boyfriend.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

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Securus is an evil, evil company. They pay the jail administrator a hefty fee (up to 40%) to be THE ONLY phone service available for inmates.

That's a monopoly, and those are kickbacks. The quality of their service is abysmal, I get disconnected frequently, and often there is so much static and interference on the line I can barely hear. Their customer service is essentially non-existent, and they have a policy to not issue refunds for cell phone users - even though THEY DISCONNECT THE CALLS. They charge you for the maximum allowed time for a call (20 minutes) even if you get disconnected, BY THEM, after one minute.

Then they won't issue a refund because you're on a cell phone and they say they're not responsible for dropped calls on cell phones. THE CALL WASN'T DROPPED, IT WAS DISCONNECTED BY SECURUS. I know this because a recording comes on and says "This call is being terminated, no third party calls are allowed," even though it's NOT a third party call.

Help file a class action lawsuit against this vile, criminal company. Send your contact information to: ClassActionSecurus@***.com.


When on a CELL phone EVERCOM/SECURUS phone system .when my wife talks to her son in last 14 months , only when they say certain names or words the phone will say no 3rd party calls ,first of all she doesn't know how to do that. her phone hasn't had dropped calls in 2 years and they don t say "no 3rd party calls" .

they just drop . so when she calls to complain you say no 3rd party calls or you r using cell phone, they don't even let u finish r sentence why we r calling . she uses this phone for everything everyday calls and not 1 has been dropped or said 3rd party calls . is this ur way to make extra money .

why does it only drop when certain things said "We get no explanation". we cant even talk to supervisor to explain. their employees well indoctrinated. Come on people.

Don't talk to ADDELL (SECURUS NON/customer service) she is rude, obtrusive and will not let you talk to any one about it. will not have a supervisor call you will hang up on you. did thank you ADDELL give me an address to write to P O BOX 1109 ADDISON TX 75001 ATT: SECURUS BILLING would not or could not give me a name to address the complaint to how is any one going to help me we need to start writing congressmen about their contracts and who they are given out to and if we the people of the USA government could please get some help with the repair of their telephone system so in the 21 century we could use our cell phones please and have a proper place to place complaints to . my wife doesn't think its ur technology .

she keeps saying in 14 months only when certain names and words r spoken it says :no 3rd party call ". do u catch on to what we r saying . probably not.

we aren't ***. Yes ADDELL we do pay your salary we are tax paying adults this is a contract paid by our tax dollars.


After an hour of reaching someone they told me they can't guarantee cell phone calls and if you get a landline you have to have a phone with a cord. Do they even still make those?

Bull.... :( gujubo


Everyone is being ripped off. My boyfriend said 2 other inmates complained of the same thing.

I've been on hold for 40 freaking minutes.

Talked to my boyfriend 3 nights in a row and it states "no third party calls are allowed, your call is being terminated" :( :( :eek :? :(

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