My son is an inmate at holliday unit TDCJ tx. And I'm more then confused as to I which order your company runs things I do know for sure that I've been being charged every single month since 2016 until present ..some I'll see multiple withdrawals in a month.


Thing about that is that my son has only been locked up since december 2020.

* A totally serious concern *

BUT MY CONCERN AT THIS VERY MOMENT IS THE FACT I put money on his prepaid account and still no calls ...

*Mobile app has a totally different Id # then his TDCJ cid#.


* Also why when I click on payment history it shows the last payment I made is in 2018. Perhaps there is a logical and error on my end .there are just a lot of inconstancy ...

One thing is certain ,I'm consistently having to battle with this same issues ...

User's recommendation: I can't even get my own issues assessed I certainly am not about to recommend.

Location: Grand Prairie, Texas

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