Hi, I have sent in 2 other requests for credit forms for 2 other video chats that I never even logged on to because Securus' app was malfunctioning at the very time of my scheduled session.

The latest one was on 07/10/2021 @ 4:30pm Appointment # 2456****

Securus went so far as to even status the session as "Successfully completed" and it never even started due to my husband not being able to log in from the prison side.

I want someone to call me back ASAP, about these 3 sessions, because I spend hundreds of dollars every month between my Advance Connect and my Video Connect accounts. And it's bad enough that you're robbing families blind because of their need to connect with their loved ones. The least you people could do is admit when you're wrong and give credit where credit is due!!!!

User's recommendation: Pray your loved one finds someone with a cellphone and calls you on that!

Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas

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