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According to Securus website, the funds on the inmate debit account becomes the property of that inmate. Upon release the inmate will be able to retrieve said funds from Western Union.

The payees that placed funds on the inmate account has no way to get a refund back. Securus claims that they do not store debit/credit card information so how is it that the inmate money is not in Western Union..when asked to call Securus helpline.. Securus informs the inmate that the funds will be placed back on the payees account? How's that possible?

if they do not store the debit/card information. And if I was a payee that put money on the inmate account and never requested a refunded. why isnt he able to atleast retrieve the portion that I've placed on the account? If the inmate does not claim the funds by a certain amount of days.

Securus keeps the funds. So it seems like Securus is stalling, refusing to issue a refund to the inmates and the money is never refunded to the payee.

So guess who keeps the money, You got it...SECURUS. Who can I contact to stop this from continuing?

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I have made an inmate debit account for my wife but it will not allow her to access the funds


I've been in contact with the CEO's office tier 4 level, and I can't get them to answer the question of, how does an inmate who is transferred from the county to the state facility, get a refund or have the funds transferred to their state phone account.