East Hartford, Connecticut
Not resolved

Before I was actually to get on the proper site and add $15 to my account somehow I had went on the securus website and I signed up next thing you know I'm 40 almost $46 - tin my account so when I finally got ahold of somebody he said that's to join and then I'd have to add more money to get my calls so I was very angry I just went to securus and assume that I follow that everybody else I know you did that and got their phone calls apparently there's a service where they find it for your cheaper but you got to pay them that initial 45 or $46 I canceled it and now I'm only going to get 31 back even though I have never gotten a call or anyting so I lose 14 some odd dollars because I made a mistake I've never used the service before I had no clue how to I just wanted you to know how upset I was because I don't believe I should lose $14 because of a mistake it was unclear how to sign up without having a fee like that far as I knew it was around $3 a call

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