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After my account was approved,no other communication

My granddaughter,called from an known facility from MIC Concourse ,this morning to my home phone number 225-935-0069 and I gave my card number and it was approved. However, the phone went silent,but the call was deducted from my account and I did it speak with her,other than she stayed her name for identification purposes. Thanks in advance for your help


Issues with app and webpage

Hello, am I the only one not able to open the web page or app? It always says server issues.

I can't put money on my account and don't get info when the money is under 10 USD. This is an open issue for days right now.


I need to speak with a live person

Why won’t it give me an option to pay with my credit card


Money back or free call or something

How do I get my money back if my call was disconnected?


Customer Service

I hate the automated system I get really stressed out dealing with it especially when I really need to ask a question, Someone please tell me how can I contact Human Customer Service and talk to them on the phone and not this automated robotic sounding system?


I have lost 4 calls

Please help me. I have lost 4 calls and would really appreciate if someone could help me and credit my account after figuring out what is going on.

I did add a number to my account to see if it gets better.

Thank you. Blair martin


Not showing the jail I need!!!

So I go and set up the account for Securus, and When I go to locate an inmate it dont show the jail he is in... Help me what do I do


Can't connect

I can't get through to add money on an acct for a family member. Ive used your company in the past with no trouble at all


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