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My husband got deported the next day I put money on his inmate debit so I how can I get my refund

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The procedure depends on what account you have: AdvanceConnect, Direct Bill, Traditional Collect, Inmate Debit. Find out details on how to receive a refund based on the account you have here

After my account was approved,no other communication

My granddaughter,called from an known facility from MIC Concourse ,this morning to my home phone number 225-935-0069 and I gave my card number and it was approved. However, the phone went silent,but the call was deducted from my account and I did it speak with her,other than she stayed her name for identification purposes. Thanks in advance for your help

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Irene Moore

The Securus Technologies FAQ page provides a list of causes for disconnect reasons. Your calls may be disconnected if a call violation is detected. To avoid being disconnected do not:

  • Transfer the call
  • Use call waiting
  • Put the call on hold
  • Press any button on the keypad
  • Use call forwarding
  • Conference another person on the phone
  • Make a 3-way call Use a cordless phone

If you believe you were disconnected for another reason, please follow the link to complete and submit the attached form within 90 days of the disputed call. Please allow up to 5 days from receipt of the form for resolution.


Issues with app and webpage

Hello, am I the only one not able to open the web page or app? It always says server issues.

I can't put money on my account and don't get info when the money is under 10 USD. This is an open issue for days right now.

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Irene Moore

If you have any issues with accessing your account, please contact Securus Technologies Customer Care Team by phone at 1-800-844-6591, by email at, or by live chat. Please note that their customer care team is available 24/7.


I need to speak with a live person

Why won’t it give me an option to pay with my credit card

2 answers
Irene Moore
If you need any assistance, you may contact Securus Technologies Customer Service by phone, by email, by mail, or via social networks. 

Securus Technologies Customer Service

  • Mailing Address: Securus Technologies Inc. 4000 International Pkwy Carrollton, Texas 75007-1951 United States.

I have the same issue. If you talk to live agent they charge you $5.00. This is ridiculous since the only way to pay is to contact them. Let them know so they can fix and will refund half the pay of $5 dollars. That’s what I did but haven’t received any calls and now gotta call them again. Goidluck
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Money back or free call or something

How do I get my money back if my call was disconnected?

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Irene Moore
According to the Securus Technologies FAQ section, a refund can be requested through an agent, web, or IVR. Credit card payments are refunded to the same payment source used by the Friends and Family. For all credit/debit card transactions made by phone or on the company website, refunds will be applied to the credit/debit card you last used. For refunds on accounts that were paid by payments mailed in, a refund check will be mailed via regular U.S. Postal Service. Western Union payments are refunded back to WU and MoneyGram payments are refunded in the form of a check. Please note that it usually takes from 2 to 3 weeks to receive a refund. 

The company FAQ page also provides comprehensive information on how to avoid being disconnected. The offender telephones have features that may disconnect your call if a violation is detected. To avoid being disconnected, do not:

  • Transfer or put the call on hold
  • Use a cordless phone
  • Stop your conversation for long periods of time
  • Turning off any auto downloads to applications, GPS, or e-mail
  • Avoid using Speakerphone, etc.


Customer Service

by Katerine

I hate the automated system I get really stressed out dealing with it especially when I really need to ask a question, Someone please tell me how can I contact Human Customer Service and talk to them on the phone and not this automated robotic sounding system?

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I have lost 4 calls

by Rickia

Please help me. I have lost 4 calls and would really appreciate if someone could help me and credit my account after figuring out what is going on.

I did add a number to my account to see if it gets better.

Thank you. Blair martin

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Not showing the jail I need!!!

by Vedant

So I go and set up the account for Securus, and When I go to locate an inmate it dont show the jail he is in... Help me what do I do

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Can't connect

by Jamariah

I can't get through to add money on an acct for a family member. Ive used your company in the past with no trouble at all

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