Securus Technologies - I cant get money on my account

I dont know honestly its my first time having trouble

Securus Technologies - Tried to add money

It never got put on my account 9793088818
Customer service

Securus Technologies - Worst

Worst service of amy company I have ever delt with. Confusing web site,incomplete instructions,garbled phone calls. Absolutly sucks.
Last week I get a call from my loved one and there was the number I get a call from when we have money on the phone.. I didn’t add money. I check my account and there is $140 something on there. I ask my loved one how he did it, he doesn’t know. I ask friends and...
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They charge so much money in a day and age where a phone call shouldn’t cost more than a dollar. Money keeps disappearing from my account and when I can receive a call it drops off and I still get charged triple the amount of time that we actually spoke. The justice...
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I let around $600 build up in my account, and then the inmate and I started talking more often again. A few weeks later, all the money was gone. I added more money, and it was gone again. I believe this happened several times, but these later incidents could possibly...
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I spend at least $7.44 a day, if not more on phone calls with my loved one. I constantly am having my phone numbers blocked, and just the other day, they told me they will no longer accept my debit card. So I had to moneygram, which costed me $11 just for a ***...
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This company charges a lot of money for video or phone calls. The moment you need to get a live rep on the phone they give you a 1877-578-3658 for you to call which never gets you a live representative anyways. I needed to get refunds as my calls never went through....
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You can never get in contact with anyone to find out anything....I had money left over from.a previous time and It is not on my credit....Why dont they have live people?

I didn't like
  • Extremely bad customer service
They blocked my 81 year old mothers phone so she is unable to talk to her grandson. They sent her a bill she paid it . Month later phone still blocked . They sent her another bill she paid it , phone still blocked . She called to find out why and she could not remember...
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Securus Technologies - Horrible it's a scam

I did everything they ask me to do and the phone call never made it through and it took $45 from me and I cannot wait to these suckers get caught for the money we are investing in our loved ones
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