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Securus is an inmate billing service that is ripping off children.

I have 2 kids and they get charged $3.95 connection Fee.

Also $89.cents a minute. And a $6.95 Processing Fee to put money on there account.

These prices are negoiated with the government Being county, state and federal governmet.

There Mother is located in Lassen county and we live about 100 hundred miles away.

the county and this company are making a fortune off of families.

my kids need to talk to there mother, but we can not afford to do to the hi rates.

there are other inmate phone services that charge only $14.95 to 19.95 a month and can talk as much as the facility allows.

But lassen county does not use these services.

Why do you ask ?, Because they would lose money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Inmate Phone Service.

Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon

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Securus is an evil, evil company. They pay the jail administrator a hefty fee (up to 40%) to be THE ONLY phone service available for inmates.

That's a monopoly, and those are kickbacks. The quality of their service is abysmal, I get disconnected frequently, and often there is so much static and interference on the line I can barely hear. Their customer service is essentially non-existent, and they have a policy to not issue refunds for cell phone users - even though THEY DISCONNECT THE CALLS. They charge you for the maximum allowed time for a call (20 minutes) even if you get disconnected, BY THEM, after one minute.

Then they won't issue a refund because you're on a cell phone and they say they're not responsible for dropped calls on cell phones. THE CALL WASN'T DROPPED, IT WAS DISCONNECTED BY SECURUS. I know this because a recording comes on and says "This call is being terminated, no third party calls are allowed," even though it's NOT a third party call.

Help file a class action lawsuit against this vile, criminal company. Send your contact information to: ClassActionSecurus@***.com.


What's wrong with pencil and paper? It has worked for years.

Try it. It will save you money. Also, file for divorce immediately, and give them leeching kids to the state.

Then you can be single again and be free of all that stress and financial burden. :)


You need to be euthanized with a baseball bat you little ***


Thats the way they make it. Its all about the binjamins.they feed on the families of inmates.

I spent close to a grand so my daughter could talk to her mom. I fill your pain and agrivation.


Drops calls everyday saying no 3.way calling allowed. I've been ripped off for about $50.

Been waiting over 30 minutes to correct this and I'm still waiting.... What else can we do to talk to our loved ones?

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