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welli applied for service and they made sonud so easy for the wonderful service they have going well i signed up back in sept 18th or there of well as of today nothing , nada, the person thats has tried calling me for thi service that i paid for in advance like a dummy i get nothing on the phone they put me on hold for terminal hold and when you do get a real person they transfer you to another line that puts you on hold for another day or so the whole thing or complaint is that this kind of scam something should be done they do it with all the crooked politicians that walk around free the service i have got was get out the vasaline and bring your own sand!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Securus is an evil, evil company. They pay the jail administrator a hefty fee (up to 40%) to be THE ONLY phone service available for inmates.

That's a monopoly, and those are kickbacks. The quality of their service is abysmal, I get disconnected frequently, and often there is so much static and interference on the line I can barely hear. Their customer service is essentially non-existent, and they have a policy to not issue refunds for cell phone users - even though THEY DISCONNECT THE CALLS. They charge you for the maximum allowed time for a call (20 minutes) even if you get disconnected, BY THEM, after one minute.

Then they won't issue a refund because you're on a cell phone and they say they're not responsible for dropped calls on cell phones. THE CALL WASN'T DROPPED, IT WAS DISCONNECTED BY SECURUS. I know this because a recording comes on and says "This call is being terminated, no third party calls are allowed," even though it's NOT a third party call.

Help file a class action lawsuit against this vile, criminal company. Send your contact information to: ClassActionSecurus@***.com.


:( The "this call is being terminated" thing happens to me to. I'll be talking to my boyfriend for like 3 minutes and the phone would disconnect when i know that no one is trying to do a third party call...so i have to pay for that call, plus more when my boyfriend calls back....only to be disconnected again!!!

So I call customer service only to be put on hold for up to 45 minutes only to be told that i should try to "be in as quiet an area as i can when we make our call because "any odd noise" can cause a disconnect. Ah, my boyfriend is in a prison where your subject to hear noise at any moment at any time!! Then i was told that the call could not be refunded because i was using a cell phone. it was then suggested that i use a landline phone (like, what are those??) theres something weird with this company and whats worse is that it is the only phone company that i can use to get calls from that prison.

securus is a scam!!..i would do better just sending my guy a calling card..but, of course the phones at the prison won't accept them so you have no choice but to use thier service.

It's a *** shame that a company can rip you off and there's nothing you can do about it. All i want to do is be there for my man....no get jacked because i want to stand by my man.


we don't have to just take this- write to ur senators, commisioners, - people like that who have power and can direct you to a sympathetic ear - I have not tried this yet re: these phone calls yet but it has always gotten me results when I put in complaints re: dentists, or problems my family member had with medicaid or vocational rehab workers... if enough people complain to enough people in government or social work, sooner or later youll find someone who cares and is motivated to help you- they might have a family member in prison too and not want us to get screwed over!


Securus is a rip off. I was talking to my husband,we only talked for a few minutes...then that dam recording came on saying this call is being terninated...no third party calls allowed.

That was a dam lie...i was not making a three way call. I was just trying to have a normal conversation with my husband.

Then they tell me that they will not give me credit for the terminated calls because i was using a cell phone. So thats just my hard earned money gone....i don't think so because i am gonna keep on looking and searching until i find somebody that will do something about this bulls*** company who's ripping people off.




I too was scammed by Securus. I initially signed up with Cons Call Home--who routed me through Securus.

I was supposed to get 300 minutes of call from my grandson--who would call me through a re-routing number. But after the first call he made, Securus blocked the number. I finally got about half the money back that I laid out two the two companies. Had he called me once more, the entire amount of time would have been used--given us 30 minutes instead of 300.

I did get a refund of 21.50 of the 31.50 I paid Securus and 19.50 of the 37 plus I paid Cons Call Home. All I got for that was one 15 minute phone call and a dramatic raise in my blood pressure.

Stay away from both of those companies. I wish I had investigated before I signed up.

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