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So i have read all the reviews on this company and to me it seems like a terrible site to go through, my husbands brother is wanting us to sign up with this company so he can talk to us but after all i have read why would i want to sign up for a company who is doing nothing more then embesling money from people? Taking advantage of families for wanting to talk to a loved one in prison/jail/corrections or whatever is NOT RIGHT!

And it is illegal!.

What happened to being able to call through collect calls id rather pay that bill through my actual phone company then to deal with a bunch of moronic fools from securus, i work csr for my job so i know csr's are not as arrogant and rude as these people and i will be calling the better business bureau about this so many complaints and nothing is being done just another *** excuse to get money and not allow us to talk to our loved ones a crock of *** is what all this sounds like. waste of money i got enough bills ill pay for collect calls but im not opening another account jus for his brother to call my husband when they have the worst reviews of any business out there

Reason of review: not paying for a crap service that should be shut down DO NOT CALL ME.

I didn't like: Extremely bad customer service.

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