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Your issues are 100% the s a me issue I called and spoke to A.D. about (dropped calls when the reception had 3 or 4 bars and advising that 3rd party calls weren't allowed) and he stated the same about the cell phone policy and placed me on hold, knowing I had a cell phone not a land line.

There is no reason why a call showing a duration of 1 or 2 min should not be refunded. It's common courtesy and just the right thing to do. I asked to speak to a supervisor abs he refused,. Ieven asked if he was denying my right to speak to a supervisor and actually said, I stated that two times.

He was an arrogant smart Alec and had no empathy and I can tell he is trained very well to answer the ovine, define credits and refuse transferring the call to anyone else. I even advised that I have no other issues with my phone or reception until I use Securus. The sad part is they know that loved ones are stuck between a rock and a hard place and have to speak to thier loved ones. May God bring them all karma and place them in a similar situation and see how it feels to not be able to contact thier loved ones.

This company is taking advantage of people's need to be in touch w/thier loved ones. Very evil.

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Just document everything and if possible record the calls and for 22 dollars you can take them to court and have fun!

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