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I'm soooo!!!! dishearten& dissatisfied with this phone service we've put so much money on my brother's account just to see someone take the money we have put over $100.00 into his account we have the receipts tried making complaints securus refer you to Wayne County and Wayne County says you have to go through Securus...

ex: the last time we added money was Fri evening $20.00 was added to his account when he made his first call he said they said he had 1 min left....this has really been very depressing for my brother who's incarcerated as well as his loved ones.... We're longing to talk to each other... it's so unfair someone is stealing money from the less fortunate knowing their going through tough times being away from their family...But I know the power of prayer and I'm praying God will intervene in this situation and exposed those that are stealing.... I was surprised when I read the reviews so many of us are going through the same thing feeling helpless not knowing who to turn to ....

stay encouraged!!! Don't give up!!!!

let's call fox2, Channel 7/ 4 so they can help us resolve this issue of stealing funds this must stop.... and for those that's stealing just know you reap what you sow in due're day will come and you will pay dearly for mistreating & stealing from our loved ones everyone of you will be exposed and will pay dearly...

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Securus is a rip off company. They suck out all your money and cheat.

The calls are for prision inmates. They take advantage of us.

Their prices are way to high and they rip poor people off. Somone needs to do something about this company

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