i dont three way call nor do i have a cordless phone none of the above and i need to be refunded

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Inmate Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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sue them i need to they rip me off

Ann McDonald
Shopping Expert

According to Securus refund policy, TDCJ offenders are given a Debit Release Form upon release. It must be submitted before a refund check will be processed.

SCBS will remit any remaining balance to the Facility. Following the Facility release/refund process. If the offender has submitted a completed form, a refund check will be mailed to the inmate (after 90 days) Inmate Debit Refund- Western Union Facility processes the inmate release and directs the inmate to visit a Western Union location to receive a refund for their unused Securus Inmate Debit account balance, subject to facility restrictions and refund minimums and fees. Refund balances less than $100 should be available to the inmate at a Western Union location within 15 minutes of release.

However, refund balances that exceed $100 require validation and will be made available for collection within 24 business hours. Subject to facility restrictions, a refund fee or minimum may apply in order to cover the cost of transaction fees charged by Western Union.

@Ann McDonald

I WANT MY MONEY!! $$$$$ Securus should be exceptionally clear, in ADVANCE of choosing a plan, in several locations on their site, that once any money in is an Inmate Debit Account, it is GONE FOREVER!!!

Inmate loses phone privileges permanently -Too bad! Moved to protective custody-Too bad! In Psych indefinitely-Too Bad!! My husband has been moved to PC permanently and is now in and out of Psych.

Zero phone calls allowed from now on, no contact visits, Suicide watch, 50 Year Sentence. I had just put $100 on the account, and he went to PC 2 days later. $100 still sitting there. So HE can request "his" money on release?!?!?????

When? In 2049?? It's MY MONEY!!! I worked for it, I did not commit a crime and go to prison, and I want my freaking $100 BACK NOW!!!!!

I have expenses that could go towards my husband that do not include call any longer!!! What a Rip Off, Crooked, Advantage Taking, Self Serving Company!! I cannot transfer it to Commisary, I cannot transfer it to Advance Connect, I cannot transfer it to ECOMM, I can't even Donate it to TIFA charity!! It's just gonna sit there and rot, and he'll never get it out, and Securus will profit $100 from me, and I imagine,Thousands of Families!!!!

This "Policy" is absolutely Unacceptable, and we, as the families and Loved Ones of those incarcerated must do something to prevent companies contracted with TDCJ from making such huge profits from those already going through the hardest times of their lives!!! Inmates cannot have money...this is Our/My money-and I don't want excuses, I want an immediate refund!! I guess I will just go through my bank, Dispute the charge, and get my money back!

BEWARE: Securus did threaten that if I went that route, they would blacklist me, close all my accounts, and not allow me to open an account again without a $500 advance payment!! EVIL COMPANY!!!!


They need a class action lawsuit

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