Unable to speak to someone about an account problem. There solution to customer service questions is to end the call or even the chat.

Absolutely the worst customer service experience I have experienced. No possibility of speaking to a live person, and if you do (with chat) they still end call rather then making sure that they have helped you. There insistence that I have an account when I do not is extremely frustrating.

I have nothing else to say, just random words to satisfy work request. I can't believe this, total inefficient system, adding to my frustration with technology.

Product or Service Mentioned: Securus Technologies Account.

Location: Irasburg, Vermont

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Your company said you are having some problems and it would be corrected by 5-21-21 still I can't receive in coming call from NNCC. Can't get an live operator.

Your company can or cannot help. You have my payment of $25.00 not it's $23.00.


Securus has charged my credit card for video visits that havent happened! Cant get thru to a live agent and I'm pissed.

Disputing with my bank! *** how they capitalize off peoples hardships!


I have no account with this company, no inmate I wish to call or receive or make calls to, however, I have received no less than 8 calls today from Securus. After the first call I blocked the number from my phone but, though the phone does not ring when they call, all calls have gone to my voice mail and are now clogging that.

I have called, written emails and tried their chatline, they say they will remove my number but having said that they increase the number of calls.

It seems that once they have a phone number that "picks up", even if it goes to a voice mail, they pass that number to inmates to use. Happily my phone service provider has been able to block that number from my voice mail too.


Now I'm really pissed,I cannot. Speak with a live person #1and #2 after paying with my credit card they're taking $$$$ outta my acct. That's against the law


I have account already trying to put new card in other card was lost


I’m so pissed off with this company , they’ve charged my card and disconnected the call I’ve missed atleast 6 calls now from someone who probably wants nothing more but to talk to me . I cannot call to get a refund . All my money is limited this is not good customer service for this type of communication .


Please call me at 859285****


This Is the worst company I have ever seen I just put money on the account but when my loved one tryed it said there was not enough money to complete this call. I Am Pissed And You Can't Talk To Anyone !!.


Y’all are a sorry *** company not only do y’all have sorry *** customer service you trick people out of their money & it’s no way we can talk to a REAL person to see what the *** is going on


I agree with you.


Securus is an evil, evil company. They pay the jail administrator a hefty fee (up to 40%) to be THE ONLY phone service available for inmates.

That's a monopoly, and those are kickbacks. The quality of their service is abysmal, I get disconnected frequently, and often there is so much static and interference on the line I can barely hear. Their customer service is essentially non-existent, and they have a policy to not issue refunds for cell phone users - even though THEY DISCONNECT THE CALLS. They charge you for the maximum allowed time for a call (20 minutes) even if you get disconnected, BY THEM, after one minute.

Then they won't issue a refund because you're on a cell phone and they say they're not responsible for dropped calls on cell phones. THE CALL WASN'T DROPPED, IT WAS DISCONNECTED BY SECURUS. I know this because a recording comes on and says "This call is being terminated, no third party calls are allowed," even though it's NOT a third party call.

Help file a class action lawsuit against this vile, criminal company. Send your contact information to: ClassActionSecurus@***.com.

@Sueko Zlg

I’m with the class act suit


:( this is the most sorries company I no please people do not get on sercurus cause they give u no phone #to call and stop the maddes of their wrong doing cause our inmates pay on their and they what us to even pay on our end to sorry sorry people :cry :( :x :upset :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh


Really pissed off can't accept call from daughter w money on my account

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